What is the CEDS?

CEDS is a regional planning process focusing on economic development.  The CEDS process results in a five-year strategic plan for regional economic development that is updated annually.  The report is submitted to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration for review and approval.  Once the CEDS report is approved, the region may apply to receive funding assistance for public works and planning projects related to economic development.

Who participates in the CEDS planning process?

The CEDS planning process is open to individuals and organizations interested in the long-term development of economic opportunity in the southeast region of North Carolina.  The Commission, as the regional planning agency and Economic Development District (EDD), leads the CEDS planning process.  The present CEDS Committee consists of members from all twelve member counties representing private business concerns, local government, agriculture, education, utilities and banking.  The Committee has attempted to create a regional economic development strategy that will serve as a guide for the future, and identify critical investment needs, both public and private, in response to significant changes in recent years in the economic landscape of southeastern North Carolina. 

Download the CEDS Report (6 MB PDF)